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Each project is a fresh challenge.

Because each project is unique, my solutions are unique, as well.  I have worked with a variety of authoring software and learning management systems (LMS) and I keep current with new and emerging learning technologies.  My past e-learning courses include:

  •  "Food Service Safety Zone" - School cafeteria workers learn food safety by identifying and correcting threats at each stage of the food preparation process.  This course won a Silver Cindy Award in the Specific or Technical Training Area.
  •  "From Mountains to Monsoons" - Middle-school students embark on a scientific expedition aboard a ship that drills deep into the ocean floor. During the expedition, students collect and interpret drilling samples and draw conclusions about the ancient movement of continents and the formation of the Himalayan Mountains.  This course was displayed in the "Ocean Planet" Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in 1995.

For additional examples of my innovative e-learning, view my demos

Nancy always worked on our most advanced and difficult technology projects…. Many of these projects came to the company with almost impossible challenges. Nancy quickly jumped in and turned them around in a relatively short period of time.
— Larry Westberg, Co-Founder of Performance Technologies International