Here are testimonials from people who have worked with me.  The quotes throughout this website are excerpts from these testimonials, which are also on my LinkedIn page.

I can always rely on Nancy to deliver high quality instructor-led training and web-based training on schedule with a minimum of supervision. She is a great team player, working well with others and always putting forth her best effort. As lead instructional designer on two recent projects for Federal government agencies, I brought Nancy in as an instructional design consultant to supplement our internal team. Each of these projects involved a team of instructional designers developing a series of courses in a new curriculum. The two projects had very different subject matter, but in each case Nancy got up to speed very quickly on highly technical content. In one case, she became our team’s defacto subject matter expert on the content because she had researched it so thoroughly. She came up with challenging scenarios and activities that engaged learners and gave them the opportunity to apply the content in meaningful ways. She completed all assigned tasks with great ease. In fact, when another instructional designer struggled, I asked Nancy to revise and complete the course, and Nancy did a stellar job. Nancy is a valuable member of any training development team and I highly recommend her.
— Claudia Escribano, Senior Instructional Designer at C2 Technologies
I want to highlight the great capabilities of Nancy Hyde. I worked with Nancy for a number of years when I owned Performance Technologies International. Nancy is one of the best instructional designers I have ever worked with on a professional team. Nancy was also the hardest working and most productive member on any of our teams. Our clients always asked specifically for Nancy to be on their projects. Nancy always worked on our most advanced and difficult technology projects. She successfully completed dozens of computer based training, media and blended learning projects for our company. Many of these projects came to the company with almost impossible challenges. Nancy quickly jumped in and turned them around in a relatively short period of time. An important by-product in the project process was how Nancy educated and improved our clients and the client environment. Nancy also was a key contributor to our business development process helping us win numerous proposals and consistently making suggestions to improve our brand. If I was picking a team from scratch, Nancy Hyde would be my first pick!
— Larry Westberg, Co-Founder of Performance Technologies International
Nancy is a stellar ISD professional. I worked with Nancy on the development of two instructor led courses for USAID’s Office of Policy, Planning and Learning. Although the content areas were completely new for Nancy she quickly learned all that she could about the organization’s policies and process related to the content areas. Nancy produced very high quality facilitator guides and session designs for us, and played a critical role in the successful implementation of two core courses. She engaged with subject matter experts in a consultative manner ensuring that she delivered on the objectives of the courses. She completed all deliverables expected of her on time and with high quality. I highly recommend Nancy and hope to work with her on future projects.
— Felicia Long, Manager of Learning and Organizational Development at RTI International
Nancy produced very high quality computer-based instruction for us. She was very thorough in her QA process and ensured that she delivered on exactly what we were asking of her. Nancy expended every effort to produce the best quality and always delivered ahead of schedule. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing our working partnership.
— Glenn Gabriele, Project Manager at Saab Sensis Corporation and Client of Hyde Performance Solutions
Nancy is a project manager/instructional designer who never lets an important detail slip. Upon beginning a project, she does a thorough analysis of the needs, raises important considerations and diligently manages and designs to the agreed upon goals and parameters. She is able to work independently and can be trusted to alert management of any potential risks in a timely fashion. As an instructional designer she is thoughtful in determining the appropriate approach for the learners and planning strategies that fit the project requirements. I highly recommend Nancy for design and management of learning projects.
— Amy Holloway, Program Manager at Global Learning Systems and Client of Hyde Performance Solutions
Nancy was a stand-out performer at [Performance Technologies International], one of the very best [Instructional Systems Design] professionals I’ve ever worked with. Nancy possesses an incisive intelligence that allows her to quickly take in the most complex situations and the experience and skill to analyze its full breadth thoroughly and express the right conclusions. I was always taken with her writing skills especially, a model of clarity and organization. In short, Nancy is not only a high performer in conduct of the full range of instructional systems design, she brings polish and depth to everything she produces. On a personal level, Nancy is also a joy to work with. Always cheerful, regardless of the load or pressure, she generally has the best attitude and resilience of anyone on the team, which buoys everyone. She’s also tough when she needs to be, but never harsh. And very responsive, not only to management but clients as well. I couldn’t recommend her more highly for practically any assignment.
— Allen Clark, Supervisor at Performance Technologies International
Nancy was, without a doubt, our most gifted instructional designer. She possesses great communication skills and is particularly adept at translating customer needs and content into very effectively presented materials using the most cost efficient approaches. Elegant is a word that comes to mind related to her products.
— Mike Foland, Colleague at Link Simulation and Training